How Accurate Are 3D Printed Dental Models?

- Nov 07, 2018-

3D printing and scanning are digitizing dentistry. More and more dentists and orthodontists are now scanning the anatomy of a patient's teeth, rather than the traditional dental braces and braces that give a patient a bad bite. The scans were then used to 3D print the tooth model.This is not only easier for patients, but faster. While many dental clinics send their digital files to LABS for 3D printing, a growing number of clinics have their own 3D printers, which means they can print out models as soon as a patient is waiting.

But how accurate are these models? That's the question that a group of University of Oklahoma researchers asks in a paper entitled "Accuracy of 3-dimensional printed dental models reconstructed from digital intraoral impressions."

As a result, the researchers concluded that digital impressions and 3D printing models are completely feasible for clinical applications. This is not a surprising conclusion; The accuracy and precision of scanning technology and 3D printing technology has been praised by many people. However, the study provides a scientific basis for many existing claims. This should encourage many dental professionals, who may hesitate to switch to 3D printing to give the technology a chance;Their patients may appreciate the technology very much, and its effects will be as effective as less comfortable conventional techniques - if not more effective.

3D Printed Dental Models

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