In Praise Of Simulation—and Why You Should Be Using It

- Sep 30, 2018-

Looking back over the past few decades, only the big aerospace and automotive companies actually gained the most value from simulations, or even tried them out.This is no longer true.Now, every organization - and the design engineers in those organizations - can gain value and should use it.

Why and How Best to Use Simulation

Prototyping has its place. When you use simulation, you use fewer prototypes. That means less expense, and less waiting for that 3D-printed prototype, or one that takes longer to make. 

Using simulation,you can find out much earlier if your product's design or the materials used can't hold up under stress. Depending on the tool,simulation puts at your fingertips such standard CAE analyses as linear static, modal, buckling,contact, and steady-state thermal.You can put analysis behind your recommendations and can avoid either over- or under-engineering the product.

Companies Already Succeeding with Simulation

One company that stands out is a well-known motorcycle manufacturer. For years it has used simulation throughout its development process, from evaluating a mechanism of an engine to mechanism dynamics, structural analysis, and vibration analysis.


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