Indian Institute Of Technology Madras Develops 3D Printed Homes That Take Three Days To Build

- Oct 30, 2018-

As 3D printing continues to evolve around the world - bringing huge benefits and innovations to a wide range of industries - India has embraced the technology and made strides in many different applications.

Now, faculty and alumni at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras have developed new procedures for 3D printing construction technology and built their first building.

Meant to act as a start-up for a 're-envisioned construction process,' the academic team is currently developing a 3D printing process that will allow them to create 320-foot bungalows in three days. They are working from a progressive prototype already created at the institute, providing a concept that allows them to use all the benefits of 3D printing to meet India's housing needs.Affordability is a huge factor, with less demand for construction workers as production speeds up and fewer challenges for transporting more costly, denser materials.

Along with this current startup, IIT Madras is working with other government divisions to encourage education about—and the use of—technologies like 3D printing.

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