Intelligent Modules Development Trends

- Aug 19, 2018-

Smart module is a unit of execution and control of smart home platform ends, and intelligent control system is an organic whole. Intelligent module via a wired or wireless and connected to the intelligent controller, accepted control of centralized control instructions, and the controller together form the entire smart home platform.

Wireless networking will become the mainstream

Initial IQ module with wired connections, usually by bus or power line transmission of control signals. Remote control via infrared or wireless access point, into cable remote instructions instruction transfers control to the controlled intelligent modules. Here are two common types of wired control technology of intelligent switches:

Bus switches: the technical characteristics of which is strong and weak separation, the entire system has a (or multiple) Unified Wireless access points to receive radio signals transmitted via the signal bus control signals. Separation mechanism and weak-electric system, the system is stable, strong adaptability to load, but the drawback is the need to control line, the auxiliary equipment required more, difficult to install, difficult to debug and difficult to maintain, usually after a system failure will cause the entire system to a halt. Representatives of manufacturers are ABB, Clipsal, APBUS, e, Beijing botaike, etc.

Power line carrier programme: the Programme originated from Europe and America 70, spoken in Europe. It usually has one or more direct access to power wireless access points, through the exchange of strong electricity as a carrier to transmit control signals. Disadvantages are transmitted control signals directly in the power the Internet, does not stabilize extremely vulnerable to outside interference, showed great regional differences in the application, in particular greater interference of China, and China has a large number of home appliance manufacturers of household appliances have no normative heightened instability in the programme, but has the advantage of simple wiring. Representatives of manufacturers such as X10, the Swiss franc, Sauber.

Advantages of wireless intelligent module is very easy to install, can be split is particularly strong is better adapted to the needs of various applications. Every intelligent module is a wireless access points do not interfere with each other. Following a case of single wireless switch, it's exactly the same as the General switch installed.

With the development of wireless technology, I believe many more manufacturers to adopt wireless solution.

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