Intelligent Modules In Accordance With The Functional Classifications

- Aug 18, 2018-

(1) IR control module:

Such modules are mainly used to control televisions, air conditioners and other common household appliances with infrared remote control capabilities,

It is the most important feature is for infra-red learning does not require modification of the appliance.

(2) lighting control module:

Home lighting is used more, switching from the original mechanical switch pull switch to the currently used though the appearance has greatly improved, but still didn't get rid of manual operation areas.

Lighting in the home automation, intelligent accounts for an important role.

(3) the remote control module

Remote control module extends the space limitations of smart home and greatly enriches the control carrier, with telephone, Internet, short message service enables you and miles can be controlled easily.

(4) hand held remote

As a portable remote control device the remote intelligent control of ancillary equipment.

It can often be independent from central control system to take the most basic functions.

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