Intelligent Robot Ten Cutting-edge Technologies

- Aug 22, 2018-

Intelligent robots as a new generation of tools and services, in the field of manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors have a broader, more important positions, such as the nuclear industry, water, space, agriculture, engineering machinery (above and below ground), construction, medical, disaster relief, remove danger, military, service, entertainment, and so on, instead of people to complete a variety of jobs. Meanwhile, intelligent robots as automation, information technology equipment and facilities, can enter the online world, play a more and more important role, the man opened up new industries, raise the level of production and the standard of living is of great practical significance. For this, we count the robot industry top ten technology used for your reference.

1, technology

Mechanical-electrical integration in recent years, the rapid development of cutting-edge science and technology, the technology is used in robots, based on the information of measurement and processing and the establishment of ergonomic information channels and neuro-biological signals to robots, enabling a robot to perform the order of. Because of this principle, prostheses can also "catch" the directions of the person thereby becomes part of the human body.

2, security patrol robot technology

Intelligent patrol robot infrared thermography and visible light cameras, detection devices, inspections in the work area and will screen and data transmission to a remote monitoring systems, and infrared temperature measurement the device node, discovering equipment deficiencies such as fever, but also by sound detection, transformer running state. For equipment operating in the accident and automatically determine the fault warning and alarm, eliminate potential accidents.

3, data and analysis

More and more data, and interpretation of human ability is fixed. Computers can help people to find their blind spots, digital computers and humans to communicate and integrate. Analysis model based on data only recently appeared in global manufacturing, the advantage of being able to optimize the product quality, save energy and improve services.

4, simulation technique

Simulation will use real-time data in the virtual model reflecting the real world, including machines, products, people, and so on, which allows the operator to test virtual modeling and optimization.

5, robot technology

Robots evolve, and even can be used in larger utility, they become more independent, flexible, cooperative. Eventually, they will work side by side with humans, and humans need to learn from them. These robots will spend less, and compared to prior to manufacturing, using robots, their scope is more extensive.

6, Internet of embedded technology

With the development of Internet industry, more equipment even more unfinished work to connect using standard techniques, you can make the field communication, provide real-time response.

7, cloud computing robot

Cloud computing will completely change the robots of robot development process, contribute significantly to perfecting the software. In this day and age, more needs to be shared across sites and data across the enterprise, while cloud technology will improve the performance, will be able to react in milliseconds.

8, overruns Robotics

In the field of micro/nano manufacturing, robot technology can help people to see, and touch of, becomes able to see, touch, and can also be used for Assembly and production. The micro/Nano robots can directly expand the interaction between nano-materials in the environment, micro-nano-scale materials and manipulate materials.

9, AVG robot collaboration technology

Compared to a single robot's "solo" collaboration between multiple robots are more important, and this requires a complete scheduling system, many at the same time to ensure the workshop operation robot coordinated with each other. Multi-robot cooperative control algorithm of this technology platform can work together control hundreds of humanoid robot, order identification of finished goods, the goods location, features such as automatic capture, automatic packaging and shipping.

10, brain wave control technology

Telepresence robots in the future will become an integral part of people's lives. Users will need to wear a hat that brain wave data can be read, and then trained by imagining the robot's hands and feet to make the appropriate response, in other words through the mind to control the robot's movements. It can not only identify a variety of motor control by software commands, but also acts in the process of actively avoiding obstacles, a highly flexible, and easier to use.

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