Investigating Lightweight 3D Printed Structures For Sand Casting

- Oct 21, 2018-

3D printing is often used to make molds for casting.For sand moulds, usually a binder is used for injection; however, its high costs, due to expensive materials, need to be lowered, according to the authors of a study entitled “Mechanical Analysis of Ceramic/Polymer Composite with Mesh-Type Lightweight Design Using Binder-Jet 3D Printing.” In this study, the researchers studied the mechanical properties of sand types with light structure, low material consumption and short processing time.

According to the researchers, the binder spray is a faster manufacturing method of sand mold than traditional casting, but it is still too expensive.In this study, they are working to find a lightweight design method with a smaller length scale for binder injection 3D printing, such as typical conformal lattice units in metals.

Finally, further work will suggest and evaluate the new lightweight and rigid design for additive manufacturing of a ceramic/polymer composite.The relationship between structural factors and mechanical factors in lightweight design is revealed in detail.

3D Printed Structures for Sand Casting

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