Kite And Layer Team Up To Provide Customizable 3D Printed Eyewear

- Oct 25, 2018-

Kite, an eyewear brand based in London, is partnering with Layer, industrial designer Benjamin Hubert's design agency, to provide 3D printed eyewear that fits the exact measurements of a customer's face. 

The new service offers a variety of bespoke details and specifications, ensuring a perfect fit, as the glasses can be made according to any customer's face ratio and size. Layer said that this amount of customization “is a first in the eyewear sector.” So just how does the KiteONE line fit so well?  The answer is simple: 3D scanning.

Customers can visit kite shops and use the service to use handheld scanners to perform 3D scans of their heads and faces.The scan will record some specific measurements, including the width of the head and nose, the position of the ears, and the distance between the pupils.

The eyewear industry is just one of many that are starting to rely more heavily on 3D printing for product customization.The technology has already been used to make smart glasses, augmented reality sunglasses and even modestly priced glasses.

3D Printed Eyewear

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