Lilian Van Daal Launches The Latest 3D Printed Bionic Chair

- Sep 27, 2018-

Since 2014, Dutch designer Lilian van Daal has been working on combining digital manufacturing practices such as 3D printing with bio-inspired design to create stunning intricate original furniture and artwork. The arnhem designer rece ntly showed off her latest project: a 3D printing chair called Radiolaria#1, showing the surprising potential of turning to nature for structural design inspiration.

In nature, radiolaria are single-celled organisms found in the ocean as zooplankton. The radiolarian's name comes from the radial symmetry of an organism's bone spurs, an inspiration for the van Daal project. By mimicking and amplifying the radiolarian structure, the designer was able to create a chair structure that displayed amazing properties such as flexibility and bubbly comfort.

Since van Daal 3 d printing her first piece of furniture - 2014 Biomimicry Soft Seating projects, designers keep advantage of 3 d printing and design, make her project is not only more complex, more refined, and more efficient. For example, according to reports, Radiolaria# 1 manufacturing Biomimicry Soft Seating time reduced by 50%, so the energy consumption was reduced by 50%.

Erik van der Garde, chief executive of Oceanz 3D Printing, commented on the project collaboration with van Daal: "Oceanz has invested heavily in research to achieve a sustainable production process. That led to the launch of Oceanz EcoPowder. This sustainable material has almost the same characteristics as the standard Oceanz PA12. By reusing 3D printed material, we have little waste, and we can process our material continuously. This makes 3D printing/prototyping a very sustainable production technology."

A 3D printing chair for Radiolaria#1

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