Luxury Watchmaker Collaborates With Betatype To Design And 3D Print Titanium Watch Strap

- Oct 19, 2018-

London metal 3D printing company Betatype, which was founded in 2012, provides functional 3D printed components to customers in a variety of industries, including aerospace, industrial motor sports, and consumer.More recently, the company helped design and develop an innovative watch band for luxury watchmaker uniform supplies. The two collaborated to make a unique, woven strap out of 3D printed T5 titanium alloy, which is a complement to the newly launched PreciDrive M-Line watch collection.

The unified device aims to create a brand that reflects individuality and highlights individuality through intelligent design, and has spawned a number of new high-end contemporary clocks.In the company’s drive to continually embrace innovative technology and new materials, it began working with Betatype.

The resulting 3D printed watch strap, made of 4,000 interlocking links, is made using laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) technology and is strong, yet lightweight it almost feels like fabric.Since the links are asymmetric, each side of the band has a different bending radius, which makes it easy for the wearer's hand to be worn, but flexible enough to be fixed to the wrist.

The 3D printed watch strap, weighing in at 10.5 grams, so has a new kind of directional clasp design, which has integrated microscopic teeth inside that interlock with the weave itself.This design element, which can only be economically implemented through 3D printing, allows it to make very fine adjustments while still ensuring a safe hold and easy disassembly.

3D Print Titanium Watch Strap

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