Makefast Workshop Unlocks Recipe To 3D Print Extreme Overhangs Without Supports

- Nov 23, 2018-

A set of springs demonstrate a new FFF hacker 3D printing extreme cantilever without using any support.

The technology was developed by Makefast studios, a prototype and design bureau based in Dealware, Ohio.

In addition, the Makefast team created a g code generator for spring that anyone can experiment with.

3D printing in midair

As Makefast's team points out, 3D printing in the air has been done in previous experiments: either once or in a research lab.For example, the University of Illinois urbana-champaign recently developed a hypnotic technique that can print sugar sculptures in the air. While this development may have great potential in an experimental laboratory environment, Makefast Workshop sought a way to give manufacturers the opportunity to try the technology at home.

How to 3D print extreme cantilever

To print a spring sample without a stent, Makefast decoded at least four basic observations.

Demonstration of a midair 3D printed coil. Image via Makefast Workshop

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