ParaForma Helps Entrepreneurs Design And Craft 3D Printed Rings For Custom Jewelry Lines

- Oct 26, 2018-

Two years ago, architect and designer Joel Kahn founded jewelry design firm ParaForma in Melbourne, Australia, in this fast-paced world, creativity and uniqueness are almost automated and rife with mass-produced, short-lived fashion trends.

While ParaForma has been around since 2016, the company was officially launched this month with a mission to help people make and sell their own custom-made jewelry collections, while helping their brand take it to a new level.

ParaForma has made it possible for entrepreneurs to create a range of 3D printed jewellery they can afford on their own, and their high quality is as expected as statement work.To add personalization, branding or information, such as ICONS and logos, can also be embossed or carved into selected rings.

3D Printed Rings

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