Precise Bio Wants To 3D Print You Some New Corneas

- Nov 10, 2018-

If you have a problem with your eye, you can quickly 3d print out the cornea.

That's according to a north Carolina startup called precision biology.The company has been working on bio-printing organizations for a variety of medical applications.

Bioprinters are a special type of 3D printer.Instead of laying down the plastic or metal layers to build a structure, they lay down the cell layers and biocompatible materials to build the tissue.

The company was founded by several professors at the renowned wake forest institute for regenerative medicine.The company just announced that its first products will be used for the eye, starting with a human cornea suitable for transplantation.

While the technology is far from clinical, the company's big man says it has the potential to change the way eye diseases and diseases are treated.

Researchers have long been working on how to print out complex tissue structures using blood vessels and nerves, but precision Bio believes its 4d-biological manufacturing technology could solve the problem.4d biological manufacturing technologies include cell expansion, biological materials, process, printing and other key technologies.

Precise Bio wants to 3D print you some new corneas

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