Raspberry Pi Joins The Brick-and-mortar Brigade

- Feb 17, 2019-

The Raspberry Pi Foundation opened its first shop earlier this month, at the Grand Arcade shopping center in Cambridge, England. The move to a brick-and-mortar presence for the previously online-only Raspberry Pi gives enthusiasts a chance to physically browse through the products the charity has been working on, including the Pi 3A+ and Pi 3B+.

It works for Apple and is now available for the Raspberry Pi. Although many online retailers are reluctant to get involved in physical stores, the Raspberry Pi doesn't seem to want to be among them. The people who made this popular single-board computer decided to bring their products to Cambridge, where the headquarters of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Can the Raspberry Pi survive in a brutal physical retail store? Well, you have to say that the opportunity is great, considering that the various models of the Raspberry Pi Universal Computer are currently the best-selling computers in the history of the UK, with sales exceeding 19 million units. And it is still increasing. The new 64-bit Pi 3 model has attracted a large number of buyers with its novel wireless connectivity. According to Eben Upton, one of the founders of the Raspberry Pi, the phone has sold more than 9 million units.

As the details of the Raspberry Pi 4 began to flow, and the store began selling computer-related products and unrelated branded products (packages, mugs, badges, "Babbage Bear" (Babbage Bear) Cashmere toys, etc., this year may be a satisfactory year for this charity. If you just pick up a raspberry π computer (you can get a π3 + 512 MB RAM for £23 or $25), you might be wondering how to build it. Personal seismographs, pet monitors, bar code readers, and fart guns are just a few of the many applications developed by Pi users.

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