Real Time Rheology System Used In 3D Printing And Bioprinting

- Oct 21, 2018-

In a paper entitled "A Real-time Rheological Measurement for Biopolymer 3D Printing Process,"a group of researchers has developed a method for measuring the rheological properties of 3d bioprinting solutions.Rheology is the study of material flow. The flow rate of 3D printed materials is extremely important for the final object, especially in biological printing.The typical method for measuring rheological properties is the use of a rheometer before the materials are dispensed.

In the paper, the researchers present a system for the real-time measurement of rheological properties during the dispensing process, rather than before it.The system is a combination of a user interface for setting measurements and a visual measurement system.The volume of atomizing liquid was measured by image processing.

This research is very exciting as it could be used to vastly improve the quality of 3D printed parts in the future.This system allows you to know more precisely what is being deposited or real-time syringe pressure or other variables that, in the future, can be adjusted to get more accurate deposition.

Real Time Rheology System Used In 3D Printing and Bioprinting

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