Research Shows 3D Printing Can Improve The Design Thinking Ability Of Primary Schools

- Nov 01, 2018-

Primary schools set up creative Spaces

For the Macquarie university study, 27 teachers from three schools in Australia completed the Makers Empire Learning by Design professional development course.Teachers then used Makers Empire 3D software to teach 24 3D printing and design courses, bringing the total to more than 500 students.

Before, during and after the course and program implementation, observations and observations were recorded for the staff, as well as for the apparent impact on students inside and outside the classroom.

Impact on students and teachers

According to the quantitative analysis of the terms discussed in the teacher feedback, 100%(31)3D printing and modeling courses have high levels of student engagement.In addition, creativity (71 percent of the time recorded in responses) and design thinking (64.5 percent of the time recorded) were two of the best skills demonstrated by middle school students throughout the study.

Suggestions for the future of school 3D printing

Based on feedback from the teacher focus group, the researchers made a series of "future considerations" after the results.The points raised in this abstract urge schools to provide students and teachers with the necessary time and space to implement 3D printing and 3D design in the curriculum.

Research project overview information map

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