Researchers Create Algorithm For Shifting The Center Of Gravity In 3D Printed Objects

- Nov 27, 2018-

In an article entitled “Tuning the Center of Gravity of 3D Printed Artifacts,” a pair of researchers discusses how they came up with an algorithmic aided design (AAD) method to shift the center of gravity of a 3D printed object to the desired position.

The researchers' approach did not require STL files because they used a query-based approach, in which a built-in algorithm communicates with CAD software to obtain the necessary information about the design.Firstly, the design object in CAD software is decomposed into preset size voxel by AAD additional software. The user then enters the center of gravity required and the amount of additional material available.The extra material is allocated to the voxel by the algorithm so that the final object's center of gravity is in its predetermined position.

The main goal of the algorithm developed by the researchers is to create a secondary shape in the input geometry so that the overall center of gravity of the 3D printed object is in the desired position.The algorithm is divided into several steps.First, you need to voxelize the initial geometry to create an infrastructure to hold the additional mass that you want to place in the initial geometry.Then the mass and center of gravity of voxel geometry are calculated.

Cross section of the model

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