Researchers Using 3D Printing To Create Ergonomically Superior Keyboard Switch

- Nov 22, 2018-

In 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, repetitive strain injuries (RSI) caused by tiny tasks like using a keyboard accounted for 25,000 hours of workers' time off.That's why people often study the 3-d printing ergonomics of keyboards and other computer accessories.But two researchers from Ohio university decided to study the role of keyboard switches to reduce users' keystrokes to improve ergonomics.

Alec Peery and Dušan Sormaz from the university's Russ College of Engineering and Technology wrote a paper, titled "3D Printed Composite Keyboard Switches," about using 3D printing to explore this new area of keyboard switch design.

The researchers used the Objet350 Connex PolyJet 3D printer to do their job because it allowed them to explore a 3d printed switch that keeps the smooth drive of traditional low-friction plastic guides, but uses an elastic base to absorb the impact of keystrokes.

Despite the lack of confidence in the data, the results do suggest that people have seen the expected shock drop; Peery and Sormaz wrote that they only needed to improve their test methods " to describe the features of the switch appropriately so that more subtle changes could be made and detected with confidence." 

3D Printing to Create Ergonomically Superior Keyboard Switch

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