Robot Couriers In Europe On The Road To China Is Expected To Put Into Use

- Aug 26, 2018-

A lazy Sunday afternoon, Shirley swimming back from the gym, ordering through software called a cream and Bacon JustEat Italy and a tuna salad. Half an hour later, mobile phone text message: "your lunch is at the door. "Shirley opened the door, I saw a long, six feet in the Hall the size of a small stop at the door. When Shirley near it, it automatically opened the lid on the top of inside paper bags is Shirley's Italy side and salad.

Such a scenario, soon in Europe is becoming more and more common. And JustEat, another United Kingdom served Pronto delivery service has also begun to use robot start-up company. In addition to the room, large supermarkets of the future will increasingly use this six-wheeled robot automatically provide door-to-door service for customers. Metro has taken the lead in Germany Dusseldorf and Switzerland Bern robot attempts to transport services. Germany logistics company Hermes will also gradually replace courier with robots.

This six-wheeled unmanned production robotic Starship transporter company invested by Skype, Estonia's Tallinn development centers over the past 9 months, has tested the robot truck in 12 countries. This is the company's first commercial attempt to real customers with no car transportation services.

StarshipCOOAllanMartinson told the newspaper reporters: "cities will have the services of one or two by 5~10 a convoy of robots. The business in the coming months will be in the United States carried out in the city. ”

According to Martinson said, these unmanned robots will be driving on the sidewalk, deliver the goods in the context of 2~3 miles. They can transport up to 20 pounds in weight, speed of about 4 mph. Starship to operation and management of these robots would help the first customers, including tracking their performance, and if you encounter problems after the robot's automatic emergency. According to Starship revealed, during the trial period, these robots already have dealt with 400,000 customers.

Starship, co-founder and CEO of CTOAhtiHeinla, said in a statement: "this is a pioneering project, also express industry development direction in the future--robots for transportation of goods. We will be using real robots to real customers to provide a good experience in the industry. ”

In JustEatCEODavidButtres's view, only through new technologies to simplify people's lives, technology is meaningful. Robot delivery is a good example.

Though the transport of goods are not new, but the robot cargo is mainly used for industrial purposes. Located in the Germany Dusseldorf Chinese engineers and factory, the reporter saw an unmanned robot vehicles, it is responsible for unloading the goods from the production line and sent to dozens of meters outside storage area. This robot does not require workers to operate, to follow the established route, and whenever anyone touched it, it will immediately stop the work.

According to Henkel plant charge, factories use this machine already has six or seven years, but it is also the only plant a robot is responsible for the delivery of goods. Even so, it's about 50% time is in the idle state. "The cost of the robot itself is not the highest, to construction and infrastructure to match the cost of consumption is the biggest. "The official told reporters.

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