Robot Time To Pay More Attention To The Quality Of Staff Training

- Aug 27, 2018-

Robot enters service just started

He explained that today, the robot is widely used in our country or in the process of assembly line workers on the alternative. But even so, the largest employment group in our country is not in the industry, but service employed in the occupied 40%.

"Part of the service industry jobs can certainly be replaced by robots, but because of the emotions involved, interact, they are far more complex than assembly line robots. Perhaps the United States, and Japan have robots can replace some nurses work in hospitals, but for our country, the gap is still far. ”

In addition, the service industry enterprises to introduce robots but also from the perspective of Economics is an account.

"Even if it were technically possible, companies should consider a ' is a cheap or cheaper machines ' problems. "Zuo Xuejin said the machine has cost, other devices other than human, as well as more production equipment to improve or update and even modification of the entire production process, a one-time effort high.

Focus on unemployed workers ' skills training

As Zuo Xuejin said, domestic manufacturing, the production line is the industry most likely to be replaced by robots.

Not long ago, as domestic electronics Center of Foxconn's Apple plants in Kunshan city, has just completed a new round of robot substitutions disposable replaced employs 60,000 people.

"This result can be said to be expected, labour-intensive businesses is sure to be changed and this and linked to the cost of production, but also reflects our current labor costs rising. ”

Machine replacement for many foreign young blue-collar workers lost their jobs, but as corporate behavior is beyond reproach. "Machine changes" arising problems, rather than shortage of workers, the job security of employees, shortage of workforce than upgraded---no long-term stable income, lack of credit, household cured so that labour shortages in the long term planning, moving fast, there is no vocational training ... ...

For workers who have lost their jobs, Zuo Xuejin believes that "the current Government and business need to do, is to reduce them from one type to another type of resistance. For example, the convergence between social security and pension system, and skill convert and vocational training, and so on. ”

"Opportunity more than threat"

Zuo Xuejin, the "substitution of the machine" from ordinary workers, in fact an opportunity more than a threat. Every major technological revolution in history, will bring industry changes and upgrades. Some industries were eliminated, some areas are open. Faced with this challenge, people never stop to the pace of new technology to pursue.

In the age of information are changing so rapidly, first employee learning, enhance their ability to adapt to and create. Vocational training is also compatible with the industry, covering the entire career of occupational skill training system, the upgrading of labour effectively meet rapidly changing industry demands.

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