Robotics And 3D Printing Change The Time And Cost Of Enterprise Development

- Nov 06, 2018-

Robotics and 3D printing technology accelerate product development in the vertical field

According to a recent industry survey, the company's primary task in using 3D printing technology is to accelerate product development. In addition, 57% of 3D printing work is done in the first phase of new product development (ie proof of concept and prototyping).

3D printing has become the main content of any design studio. Before ordering thousands of physical parts, designers can look at what future products look like in 3D printing. Similarly, robotics is automating trial and error processes in a variety of vertical fields.

Artificial intelligence is accelerating the discovery of materials science

At present, the most popular area of investment and financing for artificial intelligence start-ups is health care. Because companies use artificial intelligence to develop drugs. Pharmaceutical companies are investing heavily in startups that track drug development (such as Recursion Pharmaceuticals and twoXAR). Success in other areas is only a matter of time.

Robotics and 3D printing

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