San Diego Biotech Aims To 3D-print, Repair Organ Tissues

- Oct 20, 2018-

To create the tissues, Organovo reworks DNA, RNA and human cells to generate the 3D-printed tissues, according to CEO Taylor Crouch.These tissues can be used to repair damaged organs or improve function to help extend their lifespan and reduce the need for transplants.

"It's about personalized and customized treatment," Xuanhe Zhao, PhD, professor of mechanical engineering at MIT, told The Boston Herald. "You don't even need a donor, you use your own cells to regenerate the tissues or organs you need."

Organovo is conducting mouse trials of 3d printed human liver tissue, but the company faces limitations in manufacturing and clinical trials.

Mr. Crouch said Organovo hopes to show the 3D-printed tissue technology will be cost-effective compared with organ transplantation.

San Diego biotech aims to 3D-print, repair organ tissues

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