Seed Accelerator StartupYard Invests In Israeli 3D Printing Startup Printsyst

- Nov 02, 2018-

One of the top Seed Accelerators in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe), StartupYard, recently invested in Israeli startup Printsyst, which is working to make 3D printing easier for everyone.

StartupYard, which works to help startups grow and earn other investments, was founded in 2011, is the oldest private accelerator in central and eastern Europe. The company aims to connect start-ups with helpful mentors and partners to help them enter the global market.

Printsyst has a patented algorithm that can significantly improve the success rate of a company's 3D printing because it helps identify the features of the components.The company provides customers with the convenience of seamless 3D printing by reducing the preparation process of printing, improving the success rate of 3D printing and increasing the usage rate of 3D printers.


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