Stainless And Utinam Besançon 3D Print A Metal Watch

- Oct 10, 2018-

The wristwatch was designed by Utinam's Grand Prix winning clockmaker, Philippe Lebru and 3D printed by the company's apprentices at the Créativ Lab of Union des industries des metiers de la metallurgie de franche comte (UIMM).

Commissioned by STAINLESS to mark its 90th anniversary, the UIMM has claimed that the watch is the first functional 3D printed watch.

There are other examples of fully functional 3D printed watches in the industry. One example is the Italian luxury watch Panerai PAM 578, with a 47mm diameter 3D printed titanium case.  

Customized 3D printed wearable goods

One of the reasons 3D printing has been used in the fashion industry is to provide customized, unique products.With a few notable exceptions, however, wearable products currently made with AM process are geared toward the high end of the market, or at relatively low volumes.

Utinam Besançon says the watch will be produced as a limited run of 300 and available to buy from the start of December at €949.

3D metal printed watch

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