Students Learn Digital Manufacturing Through Design And 3D Printing Of Turbine Blades

- Nov 27, 2018-

In a paper entitled “Application of Additive Manufacturing in Design & Manufacturing Engineering Education,” a pair of researchers from University College Dublin detail how they implemented a program on digital manufacturing and materials processing using 3D printing in an undergraduate engineering course. The students used 3D printing technology to make turbocharger turbine parts.Three research questions are proposed:

Can the application of digital manufacturing in engineering education improve students' participation?

Can self-directed learning through digital manufacturing increase insight and understanding into design and manufacturing processes?

Can the use of autonomous learning increase the pleasure and desire of learning?

3D printing itself must be completed within 40 minutes, and turbine performance and characterization must be completed within an hour and a half of the prototype laboratory.Each student group must decide what printing Settings to use.Once the components are complete, the turbine speed, size, and laminar structure are evaluated and a feedback session is conducted.

Digital Manufacturing

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