The IPhone XS Technology Can Support Customized 3D Printed Glasses

- Nov 05, 2018-

Custom 3D printing glasses have become a trend in the industry, with a range of startups offering customized frames through AM. King Children in New York is one of them, and recently received $2 million in funding for its release.

The difference between King Children and other custom 3D printed eyewear brands is its app, which is compatible with iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The app relies on some of Apple's latest iPhone technologies, including depth control, to scan the customer's face with high precision (down to millimeters) 3D. But currently it is not compatible with android.

The app provides users with a "super realistic virtual try-on experience" that allows them to determine and select the shape and size of the frame they want, as well as the size of the lens, the width of the bridge of the nose, the position of the nose pad, the length of the temple, the frame The package and the endoscope are tilted. Consumers can also choose whether they need prescription lenses or sunglasses. For an additional $30 fee, customers can also choose a Blue Block lens that blocks 98% of the blue light.

Our in-app experience leverages technology that exceeds today's business standards, ensuring the accuracy of 3D scanning and providing shoppers with the ability to purchase and receive designs anytime, anywhere,” added co-founder and CTO Dave Lee. “We want to create and deliver every customization and quality that modern retailers desire for a truly collaborative design process. ”

3D printed glasses

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