The Market For Service Robots 3-5 Year Will Surpass Industrial Robots

- Aug 25, 2018-

Service robots will be in the 3-5 beyond the market for industrial robots, industrial robots are just a different product, service robots could become a family Internet Control Center.

Remarkable robot industry is when there is a "catch up". Service robots will soon surpass industrial robots, becoming the largest category of robots.

On March 10, 2016 held in Tianjin China's Robotics Industry Forum, OFweek pan industry research center senior analyst said the 2015 global service Robotics market size of US $ 8.5 billion, $ 12.3 billion of industrial robots. However, service robots are catching up.

2011-2015, the compound annual growth rate of industrial robots in the world is only 8%, service robots is 13%. The market for service robots will eventually surpass the industrial robot, has become the consensus of the industry, most of which is expected to catch up with the time just 3-5 years.

By end-use consists of industrial robots, service robots are robots and robots. Industrial robots include welding, painting, palletizing, handling, Assembly robots used in industrial production, for the present, a mechanical arm. Service robots include homework, education entertainment, disability assistance, home surveillance robot, and so on. Special robots include, EOD, disaster relief robot under water and so on. Because is for individuals and families, and can be blended into all sectors, service robot market capacity Max.

Price, some new entry-level product has been very congenial. Sweep the floor such as household robots, mainstream product price 1000 Yuan, and some products support installments.

From the perspective of the industry life cycle, service robots in the market introduction phase. Pan predicted that the next 5-10 years, along with the technological breakthrough, business model innovation, as well as the market, "after computers, cell phones, service robots are expected to be the new generation of smart terminals, become an important carrier of the virtual world and the real world. ”

Intelligent Terminal provided that the products on a global scale to form a dense physical network. , Is a product of industrial robots, service robots in the future are expected to reach per capita density of more than one, which will serve as a platform, became the core of family Internet Control Center.

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