The Value Of The Internet Of Things Is To Acquire And Utilize Data--The Core Is Sensor Deployment

- Aug 31, 2018-

Internet of things

The core of the Internet of things lies in the deployment of sensors. Trillions of sensors are embedded in all corners, and the collected data is used for intelligent analysis by AI to make physical devices alive.Small sensors drive digital revolution,making everything can be quantified.Companies have the ability to access unlimited data and achieve rapid innovation,drive manufacturing upgrades, and even based on massive amounts of data, the region can gain insight into the future business economy.

Sensor deployment is the foundation of the Internet of Things

It has been more than 20 years since the Internet of things was proposed, but the scale of sensor deployment has not been popularized,resulting in insufficient physical layer and data, restricting industrial development from the source,

Sensor technology created a new era of smart city,to promote urban refinement management ability,Intel gives a US urban application case,San Diego deploys intelligent networks throughout the city to optimize transportation and parking systems and improve energy management systems,The San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer said,the new technology will give cities and developers the opportunity to build our communities safer and smarter.                

Acquiring and utilizing data is the value of the Internet of Things

The core of the development of the Internet of Things lies in the deployment of sensors. Over the years, due to the widespread application of the Internet of Things, the sensor industry has ushered in tremendous development opportunities. According to statistics, this year, the global sensor market is expected to reach US$266 billion,in particular, domestic growth has been rapid.

As sensors are deployed on a larger scale, the potential value of the collected big data will be gradually tapped, data generation, collection, processing, decision-making and application.It can be said that the Internet of Things is an industry driven by "data." That is to say, the vast amount of data generated by the Internet of Everything is intelligently processed and analyzed, and finally forms products or services through data. It is the core business value of the Internet of Things that will create more innovative business opportunities for the society.

At last

Over the years, sensor deployment has grown rapidly, and the number of organizations and investments in sensor technology research and development has increased. Sensor technology has also made rapid progress.Of course, sensor deployment is not the ultimate goal, and obtaining data is the value of the Internet of Things.

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