These 3D Printed Chocolates Are Inspired By Natural Wonders And Exotic Locales

- Oct 24, 2018-

Artist Ryan L. Foote works in an appealing medium – chocolate. His work is inspired by architecture and the natural world, especially natural minerals and geological formations that look too beautiful to eat. Not eating them, however, would be to miss out on some fantastic flavors. For the last three years, Foote has been living in Melbourne and Hong Kong, traveling back and forth for different projects.His chocolates incorporate unusual ingredients from two regions, such as Australian plants and traditional Hong Kong flavors.

Foote's products use 3D printing to create intriguing and complex shapes.He combined 3D printing with traditional chocolate technology to create eye-catching works.

3D printing opens up new possibilities for beautiful chocolate art.However, if the taste of chocolate itself is bad, then all the artistic expressions in the world will become meaningless, so this is always the biggest problem.Clearly, Foote has put a lot of effort into discovering and leveraging some very exotic foods, and while some of them may be risky, there are still people willing to take the risk, as the Kickstarter campaign has garnered more than 20 supporters.

3D Printed Chocolates

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