Umaine Receives $500,000 To Enable 3D Printing Of LARGE-SCALE Boats

- Oct 21, 2018-

The researchers from the UMaine Composites Center and marine industry partners will explore ways to economically 3D printed boat structures on a large scale.

James Anderson, Senior Research and Development Program Manager at the UMaine Composites Center, said, “The UMaine Composites Center and the Maine boatbuilding industry share a tradition of innovation,”

3D printed boats

The lead time taken to make sizeable boat molds and marine tools using traditional methods is one of the main hurdles for the small to medium-sized boatbuilders.3D printing can help overcome these shortcomings, but the cost of buying a 3D printer and large-scale AM materials is an insurmountable hurdle.

3D printing in the marine industry

At the end of 2017, global quality assurance and risk management firm DNV GL teamed up with singapore-based shipbuilder Sembcorp Marine to build 3D printed mega structures for ships.

the Alfond W2 Ocean Engineering Lab at the UMaine Composites Center

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