US Army Takes RFAB 3D Printing Facility To South Korea

- Oct 31, 2018-

The U.S. military has used 3D printing in all its branches for quite some time. and now in South Korea the Army is field testing 3D printed concepts through a newly established facility called Rapid Fabrication via Additive Manufacturing on the Battlefield, or RFAB. 

The army chose South Korea as the latest location for the facility because of its proximity to the nature of the deployment.

The plant has five 3-d printers that can quickly produce tanks, trucks, rifles and many other parts the military might need. While the parts produced by 3D printing may be small, the impact of this technology on the army could be significant.Some of the most critical pieces are very small, Adams said.

The U.S. Marine corps and navy are ahead of the army in 3D printing, Adams said, but the army is working to catch up. According to Billy Binikos, an ARDEC representative who works with Adams, by 2025, the army could transform the RFAB facility into a regular facility.

3D Printing Facility

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