Use Of Metallic Glass Simplifies 3D Printing Of Metals

- Oct 12, 2018-

Researchers at Yale, MIT, and Desktop Metal have teamed up to simplify metal 3D printing, expanding its potential for use in industrial applications and the range of objects that can be printed using the process. The research, led by Jan Schroers, Yale professor of mechanical engineering and materials science, has taken a new approach to 3D-print objects from metallic glass—a relatively new material stronger than even some of the strongest metals, but with the pliability of plastic.

Through their work, the team developed a process that can use metallic filaments made from metallic glass into objects, greatly simplifying metal 3D printing. Until now, metal 3D printing has had limitations due to the complexity of working with the material. The key challenge is that metals generally don’t exist in a state that allows them to be readily extruded, Schroers said in a Yale news release.

3D printed metallic glass

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