Using A Lunar Soil 3D To Print Aerospace Parts?

- Nov 05, 2018-

According to the Russian satellite network, Russian National Aerospace Group President Dmitry Rogozin recently said that the group plans to study the possibility of using the lunar soil directly on the moon to repair parts in 3D printing space equipment.

According to reports, Rogozin said: "Additive manufacturing technology requires powder. We want to know if we can use the lunar soil to produce powders that can be used to make certain structures."

According to him, these "structures" will be parts used to repair aerospace equipment that may have failed on the moon. He added, in addition, as the Academy of Sciences said, it is also possible to use helium-3 as the basis for rocket fuel.

According to media reports, Rogozin said on November 2 that the Science and Technology Committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Aerospace Corporation should demonstrate the concept of the Russian moon development within two weeks. He said that Russia is working hard to establish a complete accessible base on the moon.

He said that almost all space agencies currently planning to fly to the moon are planning to start the work at the same time - the end of the 2020s or the early 2030s. He said that the first Russian astronaut planned to land on the moon in 2030.

lunar soil 3D to print aerospace parts

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