MMDVM Digital Intercom Hotspot

MMDVM Digital Intercom Hotspot

MMDVM Digital Intercom Hotspot Raspberry pi combo / Case for MMDVM Digital Intercom Hotspot

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MMDVM Digital Intercom Hotspot Raspberry pi combo

Mini-MMDVM is currently the highest level of integration of personal portable digital audio focus, has built-in Bluetooth and OLED HD screen, you can see the visual sign, the OLED screen system, reflector, and IP address, bit error rate and other useful information. Use the onboard switch hand machine and raspberry pie can support the DMR work mode. C4FM, D-STAR, and P25 digital communication mode.

Use the scene:

1. with raspberry pie or computer

Support through GPIO or USB connection and raspberry Zero W, raspberry 3 or personal computer cooperation, recommends the use of Zero W and Pi-Star to integrate portable multi mode digital communication board. The board OLED shows the connection digital mode and the call sign, which is convenient and intuitive.

2. with Android mobile phone

Portable multi-mode digital communication board can be carried separately by Bluetooth and Android mobile BlueDV applications, ultra-low power consumption, powered by charging treasure or OTG powered by mobile phone to increase portability and ease of use.

Matters needing attention:

Graphic illustration is to add the whole effect of raspberry Pie 3 or raspberry pie Zero W and shell. It can install and configure the radio enthusiasts with strong hands-on ability.



Case for MMDVM Digital Intercom Hotspot

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