Stepper Motor HAT Shield Raspberry Pi Zero

Stepper Motor HAT Shield Raspberry Pi Zero

Stepper Motor HAT Shield for Raspberry Pi/Zero

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Product Details

Stepper Motor HAT Shield for Raspberry Pi/Zero

Product introduction:

The extension board is on the market only a full-featured robot extended edition, can support multiple step Motor/Motor/steering gear (Stepper Motor/Servo), and can be extended more plate cascade using more control interface, especially suitable for players, DIY robot, intelligent car, mechanical arm, smart yuntai and so on a variety of applications.The control interface is simple to adopt the I2C interface, and it is compatible with 3.3V/5V level and therefore applicable to other development boards on the market.

Product features:

1. Single power supply, the normal working power supply voltage range is 5V~ 12V;(please select the correct voltage current of the input power supply according to the controlled motor control voltage)

2. Input/output of the data through the I2C bus of the raspberry pie,

3. I2C interface, compatible with 5V level, can be controlled by arduino or other development board

4. The I2C interface can be connected with various sensors to extend various applications

5. The extended plate address is determined by four address pins, with the maximum 16 expansion plates being used simultaneously

6. Support 16 PWM channel output

7.12 bit resolution, adjustable PWM frequency up to 1.6 KHz, configurable push-pull or open drain output

8. Support 4 steering gear interface, 3P standard interface, convenient connection of 5V steering gear and LED lights

9. Support the step motor with 6V~12V

10. Support the decelerating motor for the 4-way 6V~12V

11. Support infrared reception function, convenient infrared control

Product specification:

Working voltage: 5V ~ 12V

Interface: I2C

Size: 65 x56x21mm

Weight: 0.02 kg

Product interface description:

1. 4 steering gear interface (# 0, # 1, # 14, # 15)

2. 4 motor interface (M1, M2,M3, M4)

3. 2 road stepping motor interface (M1 +M2,M3+ M4)

4. The I2C interface

Stepper Motor HAT Shield Raspberry Pi Zero

Stepper Motor HAT Shield Raspberry Pi Zero

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