Electronics Fans Package E

Electronics Fans Package E

Electronics fans package E

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Electronics fans package E 


1pcs High Quality Retail Box

1pcs 830pts breadboard

50pcs/pack jumer wires

10pcs of each 5mm LED(Yellow, Red, Blue, Green)

1pcs 5mm RGB LED

1pcs resistor card

10pcs of each resistor (220R, 1K, 10K)

10pcs 10NF ceramic capacitor

10pcs 100NF ceramic capacitor

5pcs 100UF aluminum capacitor

2pcs Ball Switch

2pcs 103 thermistor

2pcs 5mm LDR

2pcs Diode 1N4007

1pcs Acitive buzzer

1pcs passive buzzer

1pcs flame sensor

1pcs 4 digital tube

1pcs 1 digital tube

1pcs 8*8 matrix dot digital tube

1pcs LM35DZ

1pcs 74hc595N

4pcs button switch

1pcs SG90

1pcs 10K potentiometer

1pcs 1*40 pin header

1pcs acrylic board

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