USB Control 1 Channel 5V

USB Control 1 Channel 5V

1PCS 5V USB Relay Module 1 Channel Programmable Computer Control For Smart Home

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Product Details

1PCS 5V USB Relay Module 1 Channel Programmable Computer Control For Smart Home


The module uses HID technology, foreign trade quality, without any driver on the windows system plug and play, easy to use and simple. We provide applications and C + + source code, professional and experienced engineers to provide you professional services, patiently answer any of your questions. You can simply relaxing this module to your own projects.


1 square onboard USB interface for connection stability
2 the use of imported high-performance USB controller chip
3 Use the special relay driver chip, relay work more stable
4 Using genuine Songle relay
5 military grade PCB board production
6 board power outlets and terminals, two kinds of access to power is flexible. After connecting the power, even if the computer off or unplug the USB from the computer, the relay can also remains set.
7. PCB size: 56.5mm*24.9mm
8 fixing holes size: 3mm, fixing hole central moments: 52.2mm*20.6mm


1. Home automation
2. Robotics Contorl
3. Control doors and windows via windows system
4. Contorler power supply

Module Parameter

Relay Type : Songle 5V Relay
Relay Count : 1
Contack Type : NC/ COM/ NO
Input Voltage : DC 5V 
Input Current : >>300mA
The maximum you can control AC 250V, 10A DC30V 10A AC load and maximum DC load
Support WIN7, XP 32 -bit systems

Application software:

1 green indicates the relay is closed, the red disconnect
2 Open the device, the software automatically obtain the current operating state of the relay
3 Supply the application code
4 Supply C++ lib and dll for building your own project(include usb_relay_device.dll, usb_relay_device.lib, usb_relay_device.h) 
5.After opening the device , the software automatically obtain the current working state relays 

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