USB To ESP8266 Wifi Development Module

USB To ESP8266 Wifi Development Module

USB to ESP8266 Wifi Development Module Mobile Computer Wireless Communication Microcontroller

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Product Details

USB to ESP8266 Serial Wireless Wifi Module Developent Board Wifi Adapter 


1. Adopt CH340 serial port chip, stable performance, good compatibility for Windows system.
2. The adapter board integrates 1000uF solid capacitor to ensure the current supply, and the WIFI module will not crash due to power problems.
3. Adopt 3225 patch crystal oscillator to improve the stability of serial port operation, and it is beautiful and tall.
4. This module is only a USB to serial module, only responsible for converting the USB interface into a serial port suitable for the ESP8266 module.
5. This adapter board is mainly used to facilitate the connection of the ESP8266 to the PC through the serial port.
Type: USB to ESP8266
Does not include the ESP8266 WIFI module, only the conversion board.

Package Includes:

1 x USB to ESP8266 Wifi Development Module 

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