Intergrative Waterproof Distance Measuring

Intergrative Waterproof Distance Measuring

JSN-SR04T Waterproof Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor Ultrasonic Module

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JSN-SR04T Waterproof Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor Ultrasonic Module


The JSN-SR0T4-2.0 ultrasonic ranging module can provide 20cm- 600cm non-contact distance sensing function, and the ranging accuracy can be up to 2mm. The module consists of an integrated ultrasonic sensor and control circuit. It is a piezoelectric sensor made by electrostriction. 

An alternating voltage is applied to the piezoelectric material slice (such as quartz crystal, piezoelectric ceramic, lead bismuth titanate, etc.) to cause it to generate electrostrictive vibration to generate ultrasonic waves. The resonance is generated when the frequency of the applied alternating voltage is equal to the natural frequency of the wafer, and the ultrasonic wave generated at this time is the strongest. 

Piezoelectric ultrasonic receivers generally operate using the inverse effect of an ultrasonic generator. The structure is basically the same as that of an ultrasonic generator, and sometimes the same transducer is used as both a generator and a receiver. When the ultrasonic wave acts on the piezoelectric wafer, the wafer is stretched and contracted, and alternating charges are generated at the two interfaces of the wafer, and then converted into a voltage and amplified to be sent to the measuring circuit, and finally recorded or displayed.

This product adopts industrial grade integrated ultrasonic probe design, which is waterproof (but not submersible in water), stable performance and compatible with all MCUs on the market.

1, small size, easy to use; 

2, wide power supply range, low power consumption; 

3, high measurement accuracy, high resolution;

4, the detection blind zone is small, the distance is farther; 

5, the output mode is diversified, pulse width output, serial port output.


1, horizontal ranging; 

2, obstacle avoidance, automatic control; 

3, object proximity, presence awareness;

4, traffic control; 

5, security, industrial control; 

6, artificial intelligence, teaching and research.

Model: JSN-SR04T
Sensor type: ultrasonic ranging module
Impedance: 1 (Ohms)
Size: 1 mm/0.04"
Terminal type: ultrasonic ranging module
Output type: ultrasonic ranging module
Net weight: 18.6 g
Size: 45*20*14mm/1.77*0.79*0.55"
Main technical parameters:
Service voltage: DC5V
Quiescent current: less than 2mA
Level output: high 5V
Level output: bottom 0V
Induction angle: ≤15 degrees.
Detection distance: 2cm-450cm/0.79-177.17"
High accuracy: up to 0.3cm/0.12"
On board wiring mode, VCC, trig (control end), echo (receiving end), out (empty foot), GND

Module work principle:
The IO triggers the ranging to give at least 10us high level signals.
The module automatically sends 8pcs 40KHz square wave to automatically detect whether there is a signal return.
When the signal returns, a high level is output by IO, and the duration of the high level is the time from transmitting to returning. The test distance is equal to (high level time * sound speed (340M/S)/2.
This module can provide a full range of procedures: C51, PIC18F877, ultrasonic LCD1602 display, ultrasonic LCD12864 display, digital tube.

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